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First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do. ~ Epictetus

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One of the hardest things to follow in the original P90X, was the diet! However this time around, one of the most exciting announcements about P90X2 at the coach summit was that there is going to be a whole new nutrition guide that will come with the program. As someone who holds nutrition in very high regard, it was very pleasing to find out that the P90X2 nutrition guide will be a culmination of several different experts from different nutritional points of view. It’s great to hear that Beachbody has done their research since the first P90X! When talking about the new P90X2 Nutrition Guide, Tony Horton mentions that Beachbody learned a lot from the original P90X. Instead of a one-stop-shop where its all or nothing, the new P90X2 diet has been altered to accommodate a variety of different people and tastes. Instead of one person coming up with all the meals, the new guide is a collaboration of many different chefs and nutritional experts to come up with a better variety.
As I am not yet 100% I am pretty sure that the P90X2 nutrition will be a much more versatile and individual diet plan. Just like reality, everyone with different tastes and genetics; the

P90X2 nutrition guide will <take that into account and will give a little of something for everyone. From Vegans to Paleo’s, the P90X2 nutrition guide will have different recipes for each taste. This is very exciting news because some people found it hard to adjust the P90X diet based on their individual needs. On top of this exciting news, they are also including Shakeology into the diet plan, which has been a staple in my diet since the beginning! The P90X2 diet guide will truly cover everyone!

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