Your New Change

First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do. ~ Epictetus

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Jeremy, age 33, lived a very unhealthy lifestyle. His blood pressure was extremely high and his weight was tiping the scales at 370 pounds. He didn’t get much exercise because of his limp which was caused by severe arthritis hindered his every movement. He knew that his weight was an issue, but he did not have the drive to do anything about it….at least not until a very good friend confronted him about the issue.

His friend asked him how he would feel if another man had married his wife and raised his kids. This question is what Jeremy needed to start taking his health seriously. At this point, he started to ask his friends how they became fit. Most of his friends gave him the same reply, P90X. As each of them answered, he noticed an excitement that flared in each of their eyes which told him that this was the workout for him. Jeremy ordered it, and gave it a try.
He knew from the start that he would have to go easy on himself as he went through the exercises. Tony Horton, the P90X Trainer said during the exercises that if you need to take brakes to take them, and that if you need to modify the workouts to modify them. Jeremy felt like Tony was talking directly to him because he would not have been able to complete the exercises without heavy modification.
Jeremy said that he loved that there was so much variety. One day he would be working on strength training, another would focus on cardio, and the next might be stretching. Even though he enjoyed the exercises, Jeremy was constantly tempted to fall back into his bad eating habits. Also, the arthritis in his ankle was always causing him pain, so it was a constant struggle to continue his workouts.
Jeremy made it through the program, and as you can see, he achieved the results that he was hoping to accomplish. At the last update, Jeremy reported that he had lost 63% of his total body fat, and that is incredible! Great Job Jeremy!!

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