Your New Change

First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do. ~ Epictetus

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At 235 pounds, I had sciatica and low energy. While in satisfactory physical health, my emotional health was a nightmare. I felt hopeless, huge, and embarrassed. Somewhere inside me was a strong, confident person with amazing potential but anytime she tried to surface, my self-conscious persona would squash her with negative self-talk and insecurity. Getting dressed was miserable and I started every day feeling defeated. I began ignoring myself, avoiding the mirror or trying to look cute. From someone who started her life as a confident, self-assured girl, this was a sign that something needed to change.

“I’m confident, inspired, determined, and in control of my physical and emotional well-being.”

I’m confident, inspired, determined, and in control of my physical and emotional well-being. As I make my own fitness #1 priority everything else in my life is falling into place. My entire family and community look to me as a role model, offering hope that they too can achieve their goals. I found my passion and a new career in fitness. Having conquered my biggest challenge in life (my weight and negative self-perception), I can accomplish ANYTHING – failure is not an option. I receive comments, emails, and Facebook posts daily from those who I have inspired with my story (please logon and read them for yourself!). This is my accountability and drives me toward continued results.

Two factors solidify my transformation: Consistency and Accountability. The consistency came with commitment to daily Turbo Jam workouts in my garage or at the gym. Missing a workout was not an option.

Accountability was the missing link in my previous attempts to maintain weight loss. Becoming a Team Beachbody Coach in June 2008 and winning the July 2008 MDB Game was the one-two punch that added accountability to my plan and changed everything, starting a chain reaction from that point forward:

July 2008

OC Slimdown Challenge

–Led 20 participants to lose average 7 lbs, 7 inches in 10 days
–Built my credibility as a Team Beachbody Coach
–Enhanced my accountability and confidence having revealed my story and inspired others

Added Beachbody supplements, shakes, and new workouts from my Showcase Pack. Result: increased product awareness, more muscle definition, finely tuned diet by incorporating techniques and recipes found in various Beachbody programs and Beachbody Club online resources.

August 2008

Turbo Camp
Turbo Kick Certification
Started private Turbo Kick program MWF 5:30am
100% retention
Over 75 customers to date

September 2008

Identified fitness as my passion, decided that all of my future professional endeavors will be in health/fitness
Achieved TBB Emerald Rank
Rated “Rock Star” (highest rank) at Chalene Johnson’s All Star Instructor Training

October 2008

Turbo Birthday Bash – Led 40 friends in Turbo class celebrating my 34th birthday – best birthday party ever! No indulgent eating or drinking? Amazing.
Taste of Foothill Fundraiser benefiting FR Elementary School
Featured Fit Kids Club/Meal Replacement Shakes
Established myself as a fitness icon in my own community
Led 2 more 10 Day Fitness Challenges in Foothill Ranch and San Diego

November 2008

Launched TK VIP monthly pass w/unlimited classes, weigh-ins, 1-on-1 coaching
Added consistency and accountability, the foundations of my continued success, to my Turbo Kick program
Members have lost up to10 lbs and 2 jean sizes in 3 months, and claim to have increased energy, motivation, and now find exercise fun!

December 2008

Obtained 2 contract jobs as a marketing consultant and freelance writer in the fitness industry. I remember thinking years ago, “I love working out and learning about fitness . . . if someone would just pay me to exercise and write about it then I would be fit and happy.” Is this really happening? My dream has come true.

January 2009

ChaLEAN Extreme 60 Day Challenge w/ coach Monica Gray
Over 50 participants, including my dad (63 yrs -100 lb overweight), mom (64 yrs – leukemia survivor w/arthritis), husband (has lost 40 lb to date), brother, friends, and 2 of my personally sponsored coaches – all achieving faster results than ever before. My sister (mother of 3) has lost over 30 lbs and exercises with her best friend (my personally sponsored coach Laura Carlton) to BB programs at home. My ENTIRE family is involved and getting results!

Having accomplished all of this in just 6 months I can only imagine what is in store for 2009. My goals include building my Coaching and Turbo Kick businesses, investing contest winnings in entrepreneurial fitness ventures and fundraisers, Top Coach 2009, more professional fitness certifications, and continuing to inspire others to be active participants in their own lives. As I coach and inspire more people, my accountability grows and I become even more inspired myself. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that my personal transformation would result in the realization that one person truly can make a difference in this world.

There is no turning back . . .I have found my “WHY”!
2008 MDB Game Grand Finale Optional Coach Nomination

My coach, Monica Gray, has played an integral role in my transformation. Once she found out I was doing Turbo Jam, she encouraged me to come take live classes from her and Chalene herself. The intensity and consistency of my workouts increased dramatically at that point, further accelerating my results. In addition, Monica introduced me to the Beachbody Coaching opportunity. Being a Beachbody Coach has significantly impacted my transformation and the permanence of my results by adding the accountability factor that I attribute much of my success to. Being a coach also led to the incorporation of a variety of fitness programs and Beachbody nutritional products that have help me fine tune my diet, further reduce my body fat, and get continued results. She holds me accountable and encourages me both in fitness and in my business as a Beachbody Coach. I would not have had such a smooth and successful start as a Coach if it weren’t for Monica’s support. Furthermore, Monica has been a stellar leader and role model as a Beachbody Coach and Fitness Instructor. She has given me something to aspire to and made me realize that I could have a career in fitness. My career change and how my physical transformation has affected every aspect of my life is, in my opinion, one of the most exciting aspects of my transformation story. Monica is an amazing trainer, role model, Beachbody Coach, mentor, and friend. Thank you, Monica!

  • Amanda LaPlante

    You look amazing! I myself am in my last month of pregnancy and can’t wait to start my body transformation. I have seen many images of women that have done the insanity workout but your results have truely inspired me. Thank you