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There are a lot of questions and comments about Shakeology… so why not do a quick Shakeology review. While the Beachbody Shakeology meal replacement shake is a best-seller, there are some people who still have doubts as to the effectiveness of the product due to the nutrition supplement industry’s overall bad reputation…In this Shakeology review, we’ll cover the basic details of the product, discuss the ingredients, and last but not least, what benefits you can expect from Shakeology. So is it worth it? Is Shakeology good for you?

Hopefully, by the time you’re finished reading this post, you’ll have a better idea of whether or not this best-selling meal replacement product is right for you.

Shakeology Review – The Basics

Shakeology is much more than just a protein shake. It’s also in a completely different league than your standard, everyday “meal replacement shake”.

In a nutshell, Shakeology is a complete (and super healthy) meal in a glass. Each shake is packed with 70 whole food ingredients that deliver the essential nutrients that the body craves and is often deprived of due to today’s typical unhealthy American diet.

Most Americans eat a steady stream of processed foods that are high in fat and sugar, and the challenge of eating a healthy diet is more difficult than ever. Shakeology offers a solution to that problem, one that is both convenient and affordable.

Is Shakeology a Scam?

Let’s be honest. The health and nutrition supplement industry isn’t always trusted or well-respected, and with very good reason. Many of the nutrition supplements being peddled today make huge claims and do very little (if anything) when it comes to providing real benefits to the customer.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder why some people are still skeptical about a possible Shakeology scam.

Fortunately, Beachbody is a company that takes great pride in their reputation and only produces the very best when it comes to health and fitness products. Great care was taken when formulating and sourcing the ingredients contained in Shakeology, and the end result is a product that truly deserves the growing popularity it’s enjoying.

The bottom line is Shakeology isn’t a scam, ripoff, or hoax. It’s a legitimate meal replacement product that delivers essential nutrition in a great-tasting, convenient, and affordable way.

Shakeology Benefits

Shakeology users have reported a wide range of health benefits, ranging from increased energy to lower cholesterol. In addition to providing all of these great benefits, it’s also great to know that Shakeology is certified low glycemic with a 24 GI (glycemic index) rating. A 24 GI rating is extremely low (which is a very good thing), and yet another confirmation of just how healthy this product really is.

In case you’re not familiar with GI ratings and the topic of blood sugar, foods that have high glycemic index ratings cause the body to produce higher levels of insulin which will provide a sugar rush, followed by a crash. Eating a diet that is primarily made up of low-GI foods is a great way to stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels.

Here are some more Shakeology benefits that have been reported by customers:

  • Weight loss
  • Improved digestion
  • Better bowel regularity
  • Increased energy
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Hopefully this part of the Shakeology review has given you some useful information that will prove to be helpful in deciding whether or not Shakeology is for you. Shakeology is a great product, whether you use it as a meal replacement, a snack, or as a post-workout recovery drink.

    I highly recommend that you try Shakeology out for yourself and decide whether or not you agree! Keep in mind that each bag of Shakeology is backed by a 100% money back guarantee, and you can also receive free shipping and 2 free gifts by selecting a monthly autoship order (also known as Home Direct).