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Your New Change

First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do. ~ Epictetus

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I’m not exactly sure where to start! It has been just over 60 days in my P90X transformation, and I am already excited about the amazing results in my health and physique. So I decided to dig a little deeper, do some research, and create a blog so that I can share my success. But I am so eager to get the word out that I needed to do

more than just a blog or a journal entry—I had to let people know how their lives can change—how my life changed. I created a web page.

So here it is! In this page I have tried my best to give as much information about how I was inspired, dejected, and re-inspired to achieve my New Change.

I first noticed P90X a while back late at night. It was an infomercial that at first, I thought nothing of. But as the weeks passed and I was finishing my bar shift late at night, it was the only thing on TV
Let’s fast forward. On my first round of P90X I could not do it. I lasted only 3 weeks.

But I was determined to try again—this time with no excuses. That’s when I found out about the coaching opportunityWith all the research that I did, I knew the program worked—I just needed to do it!


So I signed up as a coach and went for it. But as a coach, I felt compelled to continue, no matter how much it hurt. I wanted to help others succeed. Why would somebody listen to a failure? I was determined to push play every day. It was rough, but I finally began to change—I was on the right track.other than Chuck Norris’ Total Gym. Eventually, I was intrigued, and so I did my research!

I investigated online forums, hit up YouTube, websites, you name it! I read everything under the sun. I was determined to find something negative about the program, but I finally admitted that P90X was logical—it has no gimmicks, no tricks, no strings attached—it just makes sense. So I did it! I bought the program and within a week or so, it was at my front door.

. As I progressed, others noticed a change. I got healthier as my cholesterol dropped (thanks to Shakeology) and I had more energy even on my busiest days. When others asked what my trick was, I simply told them about the program, and how Shakeology lowered my cholesterol in less than thirty days. Now, I am still sweating everyday by pushing play, helping others take control of their health and fitness and achieve their amazing body transformations. The best part: not only am I getting healthier, but I am supporting others in their new change while earning some extra cash on the side. Thanks to BeachBody, I am not only mentally and physically healthier, but I am also on my way to financial freedom – for sure a New Change!

-Joshua Nguyen