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First week of November is FREE

Personal Training and Group Fitness Redefined!

Strengthen your body and fine tune your mind with semi-private strength training.

Full body strength & conditioning fitness class with an emphasis and focus on different muscle groups throughout the week. Check out the schedule for detailed information.


limit of 5 members per class to ensure not only your safety, but quality of training in semi-private sessions. Perfect size for you and your accountability partners.

Monday/Tuesday: Sculpt45

- 45 minutes of total body strength with an emphasis on sculpting those legs & glutes!

Wednesday: Burn50

- 50 minute Cardio Core session utilizing bodyweight to burn calories while targeting that core. 

Thursday/Friday:  Strength45

- 45 minute workout focusing on Upper Body Strength and total body Conditioning.

5:15 & 6:15 PM Monday - Thursday
4:15 & 5:15 PM Friday

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Classes start the first week of November...Oct 31 - Nov 6.

 Get your first, unlimited week, absolutely FREE !

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