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The ADDICTED & PTP are celebrating over 20 years of changing lives!


Community Appreciation Celebration 

Join us in celebrating a momentous occasion that represents dedication, discipline, and the remarkable journeys in the world of health and wellness. It's time to raise a toast to Coach G and Coach Joshua, as they collectively mark over 20 years of unwavering commitment to their craft.

These coaches have been the driving force behind countless athletes who have pushed their limits, shattered boundaries, and achieved greatness. 

To honor this milestone, we invite you to an anniversary party where we combine the finest elements to create an extraordinary experience. 

'Top It Off' bartending will be at your service, pouring drinks that perfectly complement the celebratory ambiance, while DJ Vacay spins tracks that set the rhythm and energy of the night! Enjoy some art featuring pieces by G$ Creations and enjoy some grub with our local taqueria 'Papi Chulo’s'. 

Please save the date and be part of this joyous occasion, as we come together to pay homage to these exceptional coaches and their incredible athletes.

August 12th
15:00 - 19:00 (3-7pm)

Fitness Studio

1055 NW 14th Ave

Portland OR 97209


Travel planning

Heading 2

AUG 12th 3-7pm
1055 NW 14th Ave

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