Your New Change

First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do. ~ Epictetus

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Give yourself a comprehensive inner-body tune-up! In 21 days, you can restore your body to its optimal “factory settings,” to help you have more energy and greater focus, enjoy better digestion, lose weight, and reclaim your overall health !!!


Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset™

Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset is the breakthrough, three-phase inner revitalization program designed to detoxify and restore your body to its original, maximum state of balance, purity, and health—gently and naturally. Created by wellness experts Isabelle Daikeler and Darin Olien, with help from former Presidential nutritionist Dr. Bill Wheeler, it encourages your body to get fit—on the inside.

Watch for more exciting details and the upcoming release date, so you can help people get healthier, lose weight, and feel better than they have in years.

Meet the creators of Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset

Isabelle Daikeler, health and fitness expert, and Darin Olien, superfood ingredient hunter, previously worked together to create Shakeology®. With Dr. Wheeler, they took on the mission to create a healthy cleansing program. They searched around the world for just the right minerals, supplements, and ingredients for the program. Now, in the Ultimate Reset, you’ll feed your body some of the healthiest substances on earth.

Dr. Bill Wheeler has been a board-certified nutritionist for more than 30 years. He’s served as Chief Nutritionist for two U.S. Presidents and helped train dozens of professional athletes as a consultant to the Green Bay Packers. As Chief Science Officer of Beachbody, Dr. Wheeler participated in the first Beachbody Ultimate Reset test group and lost 12 pounds, along with 2 inches off his waist.


Give your metabolism a healthy makeover

Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset transforms your body in 21 days, coaxing your body, step by step, to a feeling of perfect health.

Is Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset for me?

Are you ready to RECLAIM your body, weaning it from craving unhealthy foods and preparing for change?

Do you want to RELEASE the toxic compounds that are clogging your cells?
Would you like to RESTORE your metabolism to maximum efficiency, feeding it with the nutrients, enzymes, and probiotics it needs to maintain its healthy performance in the future?
After 21 days, your body will feel brand new, maybe for the first time in years. More energy. Less fat. Better digestion. Everything working better. Everything.


P90X2™ is the sequel to Beachbody’s best-selling workout program, P90X. With P90X2 workout, P90X grads can get even stronger, more flexible, and more ripped. This program is designed for maximum intensity and efficiency. In fact, this completely new 90-day program features cutting-edge workouts so intense, we only let you do them 5 days a week! Browse around my site for the most recent updates and information regarding this new revolutionary program.

There is nothing standard about these workouts, it’s based on Post-Activation Portentiation training. What is P.A.P training? It’s weighted resistance exercise prior to an explosive one which can increase the amount of power produced by conditioned individuals.

Workouts are 5 days a week with special moves that will challenge your body using new tools and techniques never done before and then you get 2 days of recovery. The way they put it was like this, P90X2 will put a spring in your daily activities making you feel energized like a kid again! This program is made for anyone who has completed P90X, Insanity, INSANITY the Asylum, TurboFire and even if you just completed Power 90 you can give this a try. But expect to WORK!


Browse my menus above for even more detailed information about this revolutionary fitness program!


I’m not exactly sure where to start! It has been just over 60 days in my P90X transformation, and I am already excited about the amazing results in my health and physique. So I decided to dig a little deeper, do some research, and create a blog so that I can share my success. But I am so eager to get the word out that I needed to do

more than just a blog or a journal entry—I had to let people know how their lives can change—how my life changed. I created a web page.

So here it is! In this page I have tried my best to give as much information about how I was inspired, dejected, and re-inspired to achieve my New Change.

I first noticed P90X a while back late at night. It was an infomercial that at first, I thought nothing of. But as the weeks passed and I was finishing my bar shift late at night, it was the only thing on TV
Let’s fast forward. On my first round of P90X I could not do it. I lasted only 3 weeks.

But I was determined to try again—this time with no excuses. That’s when I found out about the coaching opportunityWith all the research that I did, I knew the program worked—I just needed to do it!


So I signed up as a coach and went for it. But as a coach, I felt compelled to continue, no matter how much it hurt. I wanted to help others succeed. Why would somebody listen to a failure? I was determined to push play every day. It was rough, but I finally began to change—I was on the right track.other than Chuck Norris’ Total Gym. Eventually, I was intrigued, and so I did my research!

I investigated online forums, hit up YouTube, websites, you name it! I read everything under the sun. I was determined to find something negative about the program, but I finally admitted that P90X was logical—it has no gimmicks, no tricks, no strings attached—it just makes sense. So I did it! I bought the program and within a week or so, it was at my front door.

. As I progressed, others noticed a change. I got healthier as my cholesterol dropped (thanks to Shakeology) and I had more energy even on my busiest days. When others asked what my trick was, I simply told them about the program, and how Shakeology lowered my cholesterol in less than thirty days. Now, I am still sweating everyday by pushing play, helping others take control of their health and fitness and achieve their amazing body transformations. The best part: not only am I getting healthier, but I am supporting others in their new change while earning some extra cash on the side. Thanks to BeachBody, I am not only mentally and physically healthier, but I am also on my way to financial freedom – for sure a New Change!

-Joshua Nguyen